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Exclusive Gaming Facility Rental
for Best Performance

From bootcamp for top tier league teams to esports events, streams and practice room for amateur teams.
The excellence of GameCoach Academy’s high quality facilities have been proven by numerous esports organizations and broadcasters.
Bring out your best performance with our academy facilities which have produced top players.


GameCoach Academy has hosted bootcamps for numerous prestigious teams from around the world including New York Excelsior, Philadelphia Fusion, EnVyUs and UoL.

From simple rental to full-size bootcamps, bootcamping at GameCoach Academy can maximize performance.

Team Practice

From team rooms which can accommodate up to 6-10 players to large monitors, high-end gaming PCs and gaming gears. GameCoach Academy’s facilities are idealized for team games. From pro teams to AfreecaTV StarCraft crews and amateur teams, organizations which need team game space can build teamwork using GameCoach Academy facilities.

Collaborative Content with Creators

GameCoach Academy produces coaching content through collaboration with well-known creators such as GAMST, Dave, Inyeong, LOL.P.S, and Hotdog TV. We create win-win relationship through quality content.