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The reason why GameCoach Academy

prides itself as the best esports academy.

GameCoach Academy, the world’s first esports education institution, was founded in 2015.
With 2,500 students, 100+ pro gamer debuts and 60+ university
Results prove that we are the best academy.
With state-of-the-art facilities, well-structured curriculum, team of qualified coaches with professional experience,
and regular counseling to guide students on the right path, we are equipped with an optimal system to help students achieve their dreams.
Academy creating the best outcomes through the best education system.
This is the reason why GameCoach Academy is the best.

The First & The Best

Pro Gamer Debuts
GameCoach Academy Students
University Admissions

Founded in 2015, GameCoach Academy is the first esports education institution
certified by the Office of Education of the Republic of Korea.
We coach our students based on know-hows obtained as the leader
of esports education.

With 100+ pro gamer debuts, 50+ university admissions
and 2,500+ accumulated students, GameCoach Academy
prides itself as the best esports academy.

GameCoach Academy has established unparalleled curriculum,
the best coaching staff, and the largest facility for students to be given
the best coaching in the best environment.

GameCoach Academy


Pro gamers should be able to manage not only their performance, but also attitude and lifestyle.
GameCoach Academy teaches students with dreams to become complete players.

Growing into esports player
with core capacities

Level-based customized classes and goal-setting
Self-management methods and team communication skills

Building good sportsmanship
and virtues as a gamer

Gamer literacy education through 1 on 1 mentorship
Teaching pro gamer’s mindset and virtues

Capacity building for development
into global talent

Esports-customized English classes
Communication, interview and basic conversation lessons

Gathering insight on esports industry
and professional gaming

Sharing know-hows of active players and coaches
Instilling work ethics
Presenting place of communication between pros and amateurs

GameCoach Academy took steady,

yet meaningful steps.

These are the footsteps of GameCoach Academy from the first to the best in leading esports education.

  • 4월게임코치아카데미 설립
    4월전남과학대학교 e스포츠학과와 MOU 체결
    5월BeGlobal 대한민국 No.1 Startup Top 20
    10월미래창조과학부 주관 글로벌 K스타트업 최우수상 수상



  • 3월리그 오브 레전드 프로게임단 ‘EVER 8’과 MOU 체결
    3월한광고등학교 e스포츠 정규 수업 시행
    5월리그 오브 레전드 프로게임단 ‘ESC’와 MOU 체결
    7월오버워치 프로게임단 ‘MIGHTY’와 MOU 체결



  • 3월게임코치아카데미 구로점 개원
    3월오버워치 프로게임단 ‘Lunatic-Hai’와 MOU 체결
    6월국내 최초 교육지원청 e스포츠 교육과정 정식 학원 인가 승인
    8월프로게임단 'Element Mystic' 창단



  • 4월관악구 진로직업체험지원센터와 MOU 체결
    4월금천구 청소년진로교육협동조합과 MOU 체결
    4월송파구 진로직업체험지원센터와 MOU 체결
    6월대만교육중심과 한국-대만 E스포츠 교류를 위한 MOU 체결
    11월게임코치아카데미 홍대점 개원



  • 4월프랑스 공영방송국 ‘France 2’ 게임코치아카데미 소개
    6월GC부산 리그오브레전드 종목 운영사 선정
    6월국내 최초 청소년 프로게이머 진로체험기관 인증
    9월부산 e스포츠 아카데미 오버워치 교육과정 운영
    12월국내 최초 e스포츠 전문가 과정 국비 지원 인증
    12월게임코치아카데미 부산점 개원



  • 1월부산 e스포츠 아카데미 배틀그라운드 교육과정 운영
    2월MBC '공부가 머니' 프로그램 방영
    5월e스포츠 특별반 과정 신설
    8월수성대학교와 가족기업협약 체결
    8월한국게임과학고등학교와 MOU 체결



  • 6월'프로관전러 P.S'와 LoL 콘텐츠 협업 MOU 체결
    8월오버워치 프로게임단 'TDI'와 MOU 체결
    8월오버워치 프로게임단 'SLT'와 MOU 체결
    9월국제대학교 e스포츠과와 MOU 체결
    9월오산대학교 e스포츠과와 MOU 체결
    9월조선이공대학교 e스포츠과와 MOU 체결
    10월SBS 오디션 프로그램 ‘LOL THE NEXT 2021’ 제작 참여
    10월호남대학교 e스포츠 산업학과와 MOU 체결
    11월연합뉴스 글로벌 채널 인터뷰 촬영
    11월리그 오브 레전드 프로게임단 'AXIZ'와 MOU 체결
    12월'리브 샌드박스'와 부산  e스포츠  아카데미(BEA) 런칭



  • Feb.Signed MOU with Global Display Brand 'BenQ'
    Apr.Signed MOU with Western Nebraska Community College
    Apr.Signed MOU with Western Nebraska Community College
    May.Signed MOU with Yonsei Esports Lab
    Jul.Signed MOU on CSR Through Game with KOCCA, KACCC and Smilegate Hope Studio
    Aug.Signed MOU with Woosuk University
    Aug.Signed MOU with Esports Broadcasting Production Club 'CUBE'



  • 3월e스포츠 지도자 정규 교육과정 운영
    4월최고급 게이밍 기어 브랜드 ASUS ROG와 MOU 체결
    4월미국 게이밍 기어 브랜드 GLORIOUS와 MOU 체결
    6월게임코치아카데미 가산점 개원
    6월프로페셔널 게이밍 기어 브랜드 steelseries와 MOU 체결