Head Coach San-sung Kim


GameCoach Academy, Head Coach
Busan Esports Academy, Coach
Korea Game Science High School, Coach
Team GCA, Head Coach
Bon's Spirit Gaming, Coach
Team Big ShoT, Coach

Philosophy of Education in a Sentence

"The coach must be different"

I lead students to the right path by showing them what right thoughts and behaviors are. To be a respectable coach to follow, I always try to stay professional as a coach and be an example to them.

Career in a Sentence

"I am the best in Valorant coaching."

I have long experience in FPS genre as both player and coach.
Based on the basics of FPS esports, I provide detailed coaching in Valorant, too.

Achievement in a Sentence

"Radiant Maker"

I raised more than 50 students to Radiant tier, the top ranking tier in Valorant, and turn students into the top level players.